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This page has been put together to let you know about the items I am currently working on. If you think you have any information that can be added to these topics, then please email me

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Family Trees

Having searched through Muriel’s paper’s, I have now found updated family trees, which I hope to start amending soon.


There is evidence of a George Copleston (spelt Copilston on the register) who fought in the American Civil War. I will start a page soon for Foxboro, USA and start adding my findings. Sneak preview here..

Sir John Copleston

I have updated Sir Johns page and will continue to search detail of Sir John, and hope to add some more soon.


This sleepy little village in Devon has a lot of Coplestone’s and I’ll be setting up links as soon as I can

Other places on my Radar are :



East Budleigh







Lots of grave stone pictures now available on the internet, and I hope to start publishing them soon…

A first for me…

Now that I have discovered updated family trees created by Muriel, and that she had my immediate family in twig A15, when actually we are part of twig A14, I think I have now got a picture of my great great grandfather and great great grandmother, that I have never seen before.

Yet to be verified, but they look like this….

I have also been researching Roanoke : the Lost Colony.

Roanoke was where Sir Walter Raleigh gained a commission from Queen Elizabeth I to set up a colony. I will be adding my findings soon. Copleston involvement……

Feet of Fines Page….

I’ve still got some work to do on this !!

Thomas Mitchell Copplestone

Posting information now….here