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Copleston Family History

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Muriel Reson of London

David Copleston of Chester

 6/4/1923 - 27/06/2006

John H Copleston of Ebbw Vale

Ray Quadling of Plymouth

Joyce Copleston 18/2/1933 - 24/11/2010

The Copleston family has been well researched and can be traced back as far as the year 1200.

A lot of this work has been to the credit of Muriel Reson who sadly left us in 2003. Since 2003, I have added to the finds of the past and this site is a result of years of searching and developing. I hope you continue to enjoy the site and continue the journey of discovery.

All Saints Church Eggesford

Warleigh - GenUKi

St Marys Church - Tamerton Foliot

More about Warleigh...


All Saints, Eggesford, Devon

Copelstan, Copplestone, Devon

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